Some of my scientific publications. This is a selection only – get a more complete list here (including bibtex and rdf).

About Visual Knowledge Mapping

User Interfaces for Personal Knowledge Management with Semantic Technologies (Haller, H. 2011. My PhD Thesis – covers iMapping and QuiKey, Abstract here.)

iMapping – A Zooming User Interface Approach for Personal and Semantic Knowledge Management. (Haller, H. & Abecker, A. 2010. In Proceedings of the 21st ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia.) (preprint) For more information see

Mappingverfahren zur Wissensorganisation. (Haller, H. 2003. german, meine Diplomarbeit KnowledgeBoard Europe).

Make sure to check out Infinity Maps, this is where all my Visualisation Knowledge currently goes. ;)

About the Future of the Internet

Knitting the kNet – Towards a Global Net of Knowledge (Haller, 2010. Community of Knowledge, 1, 2010) (print version)

Semantic Wikipedia. (Krötzsch M., Vrandecic, D., Völkel, M., Haller, H. & Studer, R. 2007. In Journal of Web Semantics 5/2007. Elsevier.)

About the meaning of statistical significane tests:

Misinterpretations of Significance: A Problem Students Share with Their Teachers? (Haller, H. & Krauss, S. 2002.  MPR-Online, 7, 1.)

Was bedeutet Signifikanz? (
Haller, H. 1999).german, unveröffentlichte Semesterarbeit)

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